Employment in Dubai

Employment in Dubai

Dubai provides amazing opportunities in the field of employment, while the government is committed to protect the just rights of employers and workers alike. This emirate also offers opportunities for unmatched as the fastest growing city in the world; as home to more than 200 nationalities peacefully in a multicultural society. Salaries which are exempt from taxes .. As you can buy land and real estate for property in many parts of the United Arab Emirates.

The government encourages job seekers and business novices from all over the world, we in Dubai do special attention to our citizens, and we have in this regard specific policies and directions for the promotion of resettlement in all business segments.
The work week begins in government departments usually on Sunday and ends on Thursday, and continue daily working hours to 8 hours despite the fact that these appointments are changing for some private companies which start its work on Saturday .. the not citizens who choose to work in the United Arab Emirates they must have visas and there lodging should be safe.

looking for a job
Smart Government of Dubai help you through e-recruitment portal of the Government of Dubai in the search for a job within the database of job vacancies in Dubai government departments. You can also upload your CV and apply for employment electronically without having to visit the department's headquarters. As the gate to help you build your resume and keep them.

Researchers can also find jobs through Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders, it aims development and employment of the National Human Resources Authority (development) to develop career opportunities for UAE nationals and cut unemployment rates in their midst and upgrade their skills and productivity of full employment of national human resources. And it contains Emirates gate career guidance tips and guidelines for job seekers and graduates, as well as for business owners. Emirates program seeks to develop national cadres to invest optimum national human resources through the promotion of citizen participation of young people in the private sector work.

Labour and Human Resources and pension laws
The website of the Ministry of Labour official portal that allows for all employees in the country to get to know everything related to the requirements of the work and to their rights. Can be found on the labor law in the United Arab Emirates through the website of the ministry, and all workers must ratify their testimony duly followed before applying for any job.

The staff can government departments in the emirate of Dubai reading Human Resources Administration Act of the Government of Dubai No. 27 of 2006, as well as reading Law No. (14) of 2010 amending some provisions of that law. And the availability of the General Authority for Pensions and Social Security full information about the pension laws in the state.

Ratification certificates
Before finding work, especially in the government sector, you have to ratification by the academic qualifications recognized assets, and if you hold a degree from a foreign country or the University of unlicensed UAE you must equation your certificate from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

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