Human Right in Dubai

Human Rights in Islam

Islam is the life of every citizen and his money really heavenly granted in the Islamic state; citizen, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. Islam protects the display of the individual and his honor, is not allowed insulted or underestimated. In the Hadith: "Every Muslim is forbidden for a Muslim: his blood and money and honor."
Racial discrimination is forbidden in Islam, explicit enumeration in the Qur'an: "O people, we created you into nations and tribes so, the sight of God" .. and Houma clearly means that Islam rejects the distinction between peoples; God Almighty create human beings are equal, not Some of them distinguishes for some, but according to their faith and their piety .. came in the Hadith: (O people, not your Lord is one and that your Father one, otherwise no preferred Arabic on the outlandish, not to Ajami, an Arab, nor the red on black nor for the black on red only piety).

The State of the United Arab Emirates great attention to its citizens and residents on its territory of all nationalities, races and religions, and is keen to enact federal and local laws and regulations that preserve the dignity of individuals and are maintained. And all government agencies are working to provide services and information that citizens need it and a resident in his daily life, as well as providing the necessary protection in cases of necessity.

Equal infront the law

The State of the United Arab Emirates into consideration and attention to the concept of human rights and according to Islamic law as the main source of legislation in the state, guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on the tenth of December 1948.

The Constitution of the United Arab Emirates that everyone, regardless of race, nationality and religious beliefs and social Mkanathm, are equal before the law .. It also ensures human rights and prohibits torture and degrading treatment of dignity in all its forms, and prevents the arrest and search, seizure, detention and enter homes without the owners permission, except in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Public safety and law
Vision 2021 provides the government vowed to protect society against crime and maintaining social stability and the payment of external risks, if any, in addition to strengthening emergency preparedness system in disaster prevention and risk of epidemics.

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